Sunday, January 02, 2005

1st of the year

I woke up this *morning*. Yes, before noon! I had to, kind of... Debbie was coming over to watch lots of Fruits Basket and eat lots of food mentioned in the show. One of the main problems with watching anime is becoming very sad when I can't eat the deliciously-drawn food on the screen. So this year, we come prepared. The mochi ice cream was in the freezer, plum wine in the fridge... I made Japanese curry (which we actually ate while watching the the Princess Diaries 2--yikes! horrible sequel!), onigiri (the onigiri-filled culture fest episode of Furuba), and soba (New Year's episode, of course).

knitting also happened: Debbie finished her diagonal-stripy scarf in Noro Oimochan, and My Gameboy Advance SP is now sleeping comfortably in beautiful Noro wool Kureyon...

a toasty, wool-happy GameboyAdvanceSP! Posted by Hello